Caring for trees in Alabama can be a tricky venture! It's important to know (how) to properly do it, so that the trees stay healthy and strong. Not following proper guidelines can lead to damage or even death of the tree. First, you should check with your local extension office for specific recommendations regarding care for your particular region. They'll have tips such as watering and fertilizing schedules, pruning techniques, and treatment of disease or pests.

You also want to be sure you're planting species native to Alabama (like dogwood or magnolia). Non-native species may require more maintenance than they're worth! When selecting a spot for planting, take into account the size the tree will reach at maturity and how much sunlight it will need; you don't want it getting too close to buildings or power lines. And when digging the hole for planting, make sure not to dig too deep - just enough that there is room around the roots.

Moreover, keep an eye out for pest infestations or diseases that could harm your tree. If you notice something unusual - like discolored leaves or weird growths on branches - contact a professional arborist right away! You don't want your tree suffering from something preventable due to neglect. Additionally, mulching can help retain moisture in the soil around your tree and discourage weeds from growing near it; however, be sure not to pile mulch too high around its trunk (it should never exceed two inches).

Finally, remember: Trees play an essential role in our lives by providing shade and oxygen - so caring for them is important! With some effort and knowledge about their needs in Alabama's climate and soil conditions, you can ensure they remain healthy and beautiful additions to any landscape.